World class product design and manufacturing coupled with sophisticated smartphone application software

Patent-Pending system architecture and methods allows user to weigh a fish and transmit their weight information via Bluetooth LE to your smartphone. The sophisticated software app determines fish length, GPS location, weather conditions and much much more!
  • First of its kind “Appcessory” that works in combination with your smartphone
  • Determine Fish Length from a photo!
  • Automatically display and save for future reference
  • Weather data, GPS location, Species, Weight/Length, Photo, Custom Trophy Image, and Tackle/Bait info
  • Multiple Utility Patents Pending

Rugged digital scale works in combination
with your smartphone to create, capture and
save your critical catch information

Information can be saved to the cloud and is automatically saved locally on your smartphone so that info such as
weather conditions, GPS location, tackle and bait can be referenced years into the future.

The smartphone application engages the angler to take a picture of their catch, and the APP figures out the rest!

The connective products allow the user to rapidly create memories of the fishing experience and then share them with other groups, friends and social media.

App users can create personal user groups that are notified when a device user has caught a fish and created an image. App users can then view and trade images amongst their groups and post to our wall of fame on the website. Plus much, much more! Although we plan to launch the connective software app for FREE, in the future we envision additional features the users may access via a nominal monthly subscription fee or a paid app upgrade.  Propel IP is amenable to developing revenue sharing programs with clients for any APP related proceeds.

  • User prompted to take a picture of their fish using their smartphone
  • App allows user to calculate LENGTH via algorithm that’s based on a photo of your catch
  • App software receives Weight and Length data and then allows user to create new data: weather conditions, GPS location, species, trophy image, data about tackle used and bait or lures used
  • User notified via special ring that weight data was sent to smartphone
  • Allows user to quickly merge data onto multiple photos of the same fish
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The Catch Commander is a rugged, hand-held device that features a quick-grasp/quick-release clamp for grasping and releasing your catch.

  • Easy to grab trigger activates clamp
  • Secure scissor design allows up to 50 lb. fish
  • Protect fish with quick “Catch and Release”
  • Allows for one-handed operation, Right or Left
  • Quick-grasp/quick-release clamp to safely secure and release fish. Also aides in hook removal
  • Vibrant OLED to display up to 20 catches
  • Target Weight: 1-50 lbs. accuracy of 1 oz.
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Propel IP is pleased to announce the world’s first hardware/software based Tournament Module – the Catch Commander Tournament Manager

  • Digitally color coded image of each fish
  • Allows participant to efficiently organize and cull their catch
  • Highly accurate scale and software transmit data wirelessly to tournament administrators
  • Administrator management tools for organizing participant results and displaying leader boards
  • Improve the culling system for anglers and coordinate data for the administrators automatically
The product and system were painstakingly designed to reduce handling of the fish and promote catch and release by capturing the fish data electronically.
  • One handed scale operation- reduces fish handling
  • Quick release trigger – allows fish release without handling fish and its protective coating
  • Promotes Catch and Release- Catch data preserved for years no need to keep the fish to prove your story
  • Support for conservation groups- We are proud to support groups such as the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation
Propel IP, LLC, is dedicated to cooperating with and advancing the cause of environmental stewardship and sustainability through its products. All products and services in the sporting product lines will be committed to enhancing the human experience of nature while increasing man’s awareness of responsible –– and enjoyable ––interaction with his environment.

We’d love to hear from you, please contact us with any questions.

Main Office: 7413 Six Forks Road, Suite 310, Raleigh, NC  27615

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